is a simple and fun place for you to share and discover the latest shopping news in Indonesia. Come and join our growing community of shoppers. Start making reviews and share your own personal shopping experiences, be it good (or bad) to your fellow shopping addicts.

Our Founder had the inspiration for while visiting a local shopping center. There he noticed how overcrowded discount and promotional signs can be so unattractive and unpleasing to the eye of the consumer. He thought that there should be a place where shoppers can browse and view promotions in a clean and easy way. There, shoppers will also be able to communicate and network with their peers, sharing information on the latest it products to buy and the hot places to shop.

At first, we weren't sure what the perfect name for the new website should be. After many episodes of brainstorming and idea tossing, we came up with the idea of incorporating the saying that we hear much often in Indonesia. Indonesians, whether they are young or old , rich or poor, love a good bargain and can often be overheard saying, "Ada diskon?" ("Is there a sale on?)". Hence, the name

AdaDiskon is geared towards interactivity where users are able to relate to each other through posting comments and joining discussions, while also allowing direct communication to take place between marketing managers and business owners to their potential end customers. Try it out right now